Alexandria, Virginia Federal Court Litigation Attorney

Craig C. Reilly, Esq. has over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of civil litigation in state and federal court, including contracts, business torts, partnership disputes, products liability and personal injury, trade secret and employment disputes, landlord-tenant and real estate, and commercial law.  Most of that work has been the in the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Divisionthe Rocket Docket. He regularly handles matters related to:

Intellectual Property Litigation in the Rocket Docket
In addition to general civil litigation,Mr. Reilly has been counsel of record in numerous patent litigation matters involving such diverse arts as artificial intraocular lenses, catheter guide wires, metal alloys, flexible flashlights, chemical catalysts, antiperspirant chemicals, data terminals, tape storage systems, tape drive assemblies, gas detectors, modems, computer encryption, telecommunications, and florescent lights.  He has had five jury trials and two bench trials in patent cases, plus numerous dispositive motions.  In addition, he has been counsel to patent owners in numerous Administrative Procedure Act cases in the Eastern District.  He also has handled trademark litigation and domain name cases, including preliminary injunction motions.

Complex Litigation in Federal Court
Mr. Reilly has been counsel of record in numerous complex litigation matters in federal court, including the following: civil and criminal cases involving RICO, bribery, and government procurement fraud; antitrust; securities fraud class actions and other shareholder actions (plaintiff and defense); False Claims Act cases; Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act cases; and ERISA cases, including class actions, and actions involving allegations of fraud, securities fraud, bribery, and breach of fiduciary duty.

Contact Information:
Craig C. Reilly, Esq., 703-549-5354, or contact my Alexandria office online.

Craig C. Reilly, Esq. is conveniently located in Alexandria

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